Friday, March 20, 2009


Assalamualaikum. Hye evryone!!!

currently i'm so busy with asgnmts, presentations n other university activities. i miss to write something in here. tough weeks i had. previous two weeks really-really gave me pains. no pain no gain. yeah. we learn somthing from any lesson we had. Now i know that there are lots of ignorants around me. they showed their tru colors oledy. huhuhu. i hope that i wont get sick of them. phew~

I wonder, how can highly educated people cant use their brain properly n show to others that they are qualify enuff to be in here. i'm not trying to let all know tht... yess i'm the best. or... i have thoese qualities. no. i'm not! i'm a student too! thts y im in here. to continue the process of learning of myself.

But then, i hope tht i wont face the same prob in the future. huh~

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