Thursday, July 23, 2009

-i know u are around-

as i breath deeply... could feel your warmth
as i feel lonely... i know, u stay somewhere around
u keep on making me lazy
u keep on asking me always to keep everything easy
sometimes, i feel that u take control on me
sometimes, i feel that u want me to rely on you
sometimes, i feel that u make me forget to do what i suppose to do
sometimes, i feel that u are close to me especially when I'm in blue
u are around
u are around
yeah u are around
and this time i will take note every time i feel your arrival
and every time i feel that u want to take control
coz i already promised myself
to make sure that u won't be that easy stay close to me.
whispering to me the sweetest thing bout this world. via music, movies, n girls!
you may stay around... n i know u never know how to give up.
but trust me, i'll boost my spirit up
n keep on fighting in this special war.
just u... n me.


im juz being meee ^__^ said...

nice poem!

fadly amzar said...

dapat idea lepas kena 'himpit' masa tido petang td. huhu~

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