Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Assalamualaikum. Well, alhamdulillah... after sumtimes, then i could set up this blog. hehehe. life is quite busy since the new semester started. to plan for my course club, to organize programmes, assignments, WARGHHH!!! yeah... student life aite?

I do really feel to write something, but... to be honest i admit that i'm not good in writing actually. but i hope that this blog helps me keeping moments of myself that i couldn't write traditionally. i did buy diaries before. it seems like a waste for me. hahaha.

Calling for pals around the world to share ideas with me. C ya!!!

Kok tagang tajelo-jelo
Kok kandua ba dantiang dantiang
Pado pai surik nan labiah
Samuik tapijak indak mati
Alu tataruang patah tigo


1 comment:

mohdrizalyusop :) said...

haha..slmt mem'blogger'kan diri..update selalu ok.. c ya.. :)

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