Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I'm Back!!!

Salam n' hye all!!!

It's been 2 months++ i havnt updated my blog. haha. Phew. But now i'm back frens!!! :D For those who dont know where am i during last 2 months, let me tell u guys. I did my industrial training in Ampang. Did it in a consultancy company at Ampang Point. So many stories bout my days in Ampang. Im afraid i cant tell all here. Maybe can have a look at my photo albums @ Facebook. For those who havnt be my fren @ Facebook, search Fadly Amzar. ;p

Okay. Done with Ampang days. Now im back in Tanjong Malim. Hahaha. Different air smell in here. Ampang is much better. hahaha. What i can say bout my first step in Tg. Malim after 2 mths is... DAMN~ Thats it. I hope those peolpe can realize tht much much more they should do to improve themselves. Only idiots wont get angry if people using their stuff without any permission. Well, i have another year to face those kinda people then. What to do. PATIENCE... is avirtue! :)

New semester started. My sixth one in here. Have to go to the new lecture halls @ Proton City. Waaaaa. Quite far! But the snvirnmnt is much better than shop-lot-lecture rooms @ Tmn U. Hahaha. I will always yawn during classes. Maybe the class was too small so tht not enough oxygen around. :p

Well, i'll wite more later. Got few stuff to be done :) see u guys ;)

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