Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Salam n hye~

I received few comments regarding my previous posts bout HINEX. pls refer here

Pls be inforemed that those posts were my own expressions for what i had experienced during HINEX '09 @ TATiUC.

I understand that some of us cant accept few words of mine. But seriosly, sometimes truth is hard to hear.

I also understand that It's not TATiUC or their staff tht shud be blamed. In fact, just few of people ruin tht 'suppose-to-be' great event.

I'm taking this opportunity to apology TATiUC n their good-staff tht tried their best to organize this event. Kudos to ya'll.

For those who ruin this event, u know who u are. pls change! Scouts wont have its bright future if this kind of behavior still being practice evrywhere.

Again, pls dont afraid of the truth. n its not tht hard to admit our mistakes.
we r human being. Mistakes are normal. but once you did... u better wont do the same for the second time~

Till we meet again, PEACE!!!

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