Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Friday~

Started my day with Sociology Class. Have jokes with Khairul. you r really2 a joker mann... ;p

Ayam balado + gulai cancang + ulam kacang botol. Minang dishes for lunch at my fav. lunch-place (ocu ami-Ketoyong). oso got ikan keli bakar, masak lemak pucuk paku, sambal sotong, ikan patin... yum. yum. value for ya tummy n oso munny. ;p

Friday prayers at Masjid Tg. Malim.

Masyarakat M'sia class at Auditorium 1. i'm the 1st person called out by Pn. Kalsum for public speaking. my issue: "Remaja & Permainan Komputer". hahaha. My fav. Dota oso included. ;) satisfied with my speech.

A hot day in class with the a/c not working. huhuhu.

few groups presented their acts. "adat berendoi/cukur jambul", "kematian orang Islam", "perkahwinan org Iban" & "adab makan".

early dinner at new mapley opposite Riamoda (textile shop). Nasi goreng tekur mata & Teh o' ais.

Now... prepare for another class at 8 pm.

A lucky day today?

I got myself a book. "The Malay Sultanate of Malacca". Hard cover. for only RM6.00
Thanks to En. Nizamuddin. :)

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