Tuesday, April 21, 2009


"A teacher teaches... A good teacher explains... A great teacher inspires!!!"

Nice intro from En. Nizamuddin when he replied to a question from one of his mentee.

I agree that its difficult to find a great teacher nowadays. A teacher that has ability to control the class. A teacher that can make all the students listen carefully on what he or she explaining about.

I ask myself... whether i can be a great teacher one day? Insya Allah. Its not an easy job actually. This kinda job really-really need guts! All of us can talk. But can we control? Can we show to them our strengths only... And hide all of our weaknesses?

Last year i crawled... Six months ago i stood... now i walk... next three months i have to walk faster... and next year will be the running time for me. on the path that i already choose.

Pray for me. and also for all those teachers-in-the-making so that we can be the great teachers that will inspire everyone. Amin...

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