Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Remember those days

Driving along Jalan Sg. Besi... Looking at beautiful KL-at-nite scenery in front of me.
just behind the old airport. if i could drive to Jalan Ampang. stop for a moment. n enjoying myself the view of KLCC at nite. but... kinda late oledy. have to continue my journey to Tanjung Malim...

I remember those days... when i live at the heart of KL. with 1001 stories of me there. ride my scooter alone at nite. finding the best food at Kampung Baru. Have some 'fresh air' at Tasik Titiwangsa. or maybe having a cup of tea with a cinnamon cake plus enjoying looking at people's behavior.

I remember those days... living on top of the hill at Ukay Perdana. cool n fresh esp. in the morning. miss the cool-morning breeze blowing to my face as i'm riding down the hill every morning. but then... facing massive traffic jam along MRR2. Thank God! coz i'm on my scooter. ;)

I remember those days... moving to a new place. meet a mad man. how is he now ya? a new place at the heart of KL. not cool n fresh anymore. hot at nite. hotter in the morning. hottest when i'm facing that mad man. huhuhu.

I remember those days... going for a movie at KLCC. fun even tho watching alone. then filling my empty stomach at Chee Meng nasi ayam at BB. enjoying myself the true colors of KL...

I remember those days... enjoying the best burgers at Hard Rock Cafe. n continue the night with live band show from 'T-Rex'. Keep rockin' myself. let off all bad stuff inside me. but still, keep the music clean. no free sex. just music~

I do really-really miss my days there...


Reach Tanjung oledy... phew.

I'll think for a nite in KL. so that i can feel those days tht i miss so much!

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